The third monkey

Hey folks. Welcome back to the textualization of my brain.

We just spent the last four days training at the blauer combatives camp and personal defense readiness coaches clinic. This was the most professional, productive and painful training I have ever attended. The Blauer staff is unsurpassed in their skill and passion for sharing safety concepts and tools, and they are a blast to spend time with.

I look forward to spending time with you teaching what we learned from the camp. I am going to bullet point a few items of interest from the camp.

#1 You need a personal directive. It must be personal, passionate and present.
#2 You are faster, stronger and more intuitive than you think.
#3 You can retrain and enhance your brain’s abilities.
#4 You have been created in amazing fashion, you are so much more capable than you think.
#5 If you use your body correctly, you are a legit human weapon.

If you noticed the title of this, here is the application: fight like you’re the third monkey on the ramp of the ark, and brother, it's starting to rain. When you are challenged by life, by violence, or stressed out and struggling - bring all that indignation to bear and say not today, not my house, not my body.

Don't allow fear to stop you. Learn to manage the fear, define it, inoculate yourself against it and move through it. Coach Tony Blauer says ”fear throttles everything” speeds you up, slows you down, stops you. Living in fear can be intrusive, it can stop your success, it can cause anxiety, long-term physical and mental health problems. Fear can cap your income, decide who you marry, decide if you reach out to a stranger in need, stop you from cutting off a ’friend ’ who steals up your happiness and energy or stop you from taking a self-defense class.

For those of you who have always said that you want to take a self-defense class, or firearms safety class and have not - how much commitment do you really have to your ability to personal safety? Is fear stopping you from choosing safety?

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