Firearms Training offered through the Fallout Shelter

Basic Handgun Course
The basic handgun course (6 to 8 hours) teaches safe firearm handling skills, basic care and storage, basic concealed carry concepts, and foundational shooting skills.


Concealed Carry Course
The concealed carry course (8 to 10 hours) picks up where the basic course ends and is intended for people who already have a base in handgun use and wish to carry their handgun for defensive purposes.


Practical Pistol Course
The practical pistol course is a higher level course and safe gun handling and shooting skills are a prerequisite. We currently offer a single day course and two-day course in which you will learn tactical movements, shooting drills and home defense concepts, and weapon retention skills.


The Fallout Shelter classes are available at your suitable range location.

The fallout shelter offers carbine (AR-15 style rifles) and defensive shotgun courses.

The basic courses are 8 hours in length and teach basic handling skills, and care of the weapons. If you have or your club has need of specific instruction, we can develop classes based upon that need.

Individual instruction is available for pistol, carbine and shotgun skill development and tactics.

The Fallout Shelter specializes in self-defense concepts. Including martial arts, physical defense training, and less lethal tools including pepper spray and ‘dan bong’ short stick classes.

Key Points:

  • All Students are required to wear hearing and eye protection during live firing drills
  • Any safety violations may result in removal from the class
  • Ammunition is supplied by the student
  • All firearms used in the class must be in safe working order
  • Courses outside of a 75-mile radius of Watertown, SD may be requested to pay a mileage surcharge
  • Range feels are not included in the Fallout Shelter pricing
  • A class deposit may be required

Firearms Class Deposit